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To further complement our extensive range of high-quality animal feeds our sales team and ruminant nutritionist along with our partners in animal nutrition are available to work closely with all our farm customers to critically analyse the nutrient requirements of your animals and make the necessary recommendations that will deliver excellent performance maximise production and profitability of your business.


We offer additional services to assist you and your farm business 


• Bespoke home mixed feed formulation

• Planning on farm forages

• Winter fodder management

• Grassland establishment & management

• Forage analysis

• Soil analysis


Over 85% of farms in Ireland make silage each year. Grass silage accounts for 20-25% of total annual feed per cow on well-run dairy farms. Grass silage accounts for up to 30% of total feed on beef farms depending on the production systems in place.  Rhyno Mills offer a full forage sampling and testing service for grass silage, maize silage and hay  based on a number of parameters (dry matter %, dry matter digestibility (DMD), energy and protein content etc). Using these results we can calculate and budget how much and what type of concentrate you will need during the winter to achieve target growth rates. We offer a full forage sampling and testing service for grass silage, maize silage and hay grown for silage has different needs to grass grown solely for grazing. Silage can provide high quality forage for winter feeding however, as with all crops, it depends on using the right varieties of grass and optimising soil conditions.


Knowing what nutrients are available in the soil is the foundation to ensuring that all crops, including grass, get off to the best possible start. A basic soil test will provide phosphate, potassium and magnesium indices, as well as information on soil pH status. The benefits of knowing what you are dealing with speak for themselves. Rhyno Mills will arrange your soil analysis and make recommendations with regard to soil structure management, nutrient management and a nutrient plan. We offer a full soil sampling and testing service.